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Candle Holders

Discover our thoughtful selection of pretty candle holders, infused with your loved-one’s ashes.

A candle flickering is both warming and comforting, especially on darker nights. Our hand-blown candle holders embrace these soothing sensations in a meaningful way.

Carefully designed to fuse a small amount of your loved-one’s ashes in a decorative, respectful manner, Eternity Crystal’s selection of candle holders offer options for tea lights and larger candles. Each is blown by hand in our Somerset workshop using the finest quality leaded crystal glass. We carefully fuse approximately a tablespoon of ashes into the glass, creating a pretty swirled pattern that makes a wonderfully delicate decorative detail. The base can be engraved with a special sentiment that is significant to you.

With a choice of solid colour and swirled ashes or swirled colour and ashes, our beautiful candle holder designs would grace any home. With a range of stunning colour options, they can be made to compliment your home decor.

Eternity Crystal is the original ashes heirloom and memorial keepsake company and as such, our team is highly experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate. We understand that dealing with your loved-one’s ashes is an immensely personal, matter and we undertake all commissions with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. If you would like to see your candle holder being made you are most welcome to visit our workshop by appointment, and also both deliver and collect your-loved one’s ashes with your completed order from us in person. Otherwise all unused ashes are returned with your finished piece which will be delivered in a gift box and will be accompanied by an authentication card. As each design is made by hand, please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.

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